Reliance Money and Riyada Consulting launches new company in Saudi Arabia, to raise Riyal 200 million
Sets up new company with Riyada Consulting in SA
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Riyada Consulting is a client-focused, vibrant, target driven managerial and financial consulting firm headquartered in Bahrain, with a global access as part of the Leading Edge Alliance. Since its establishment in 2001, Riyada Consulting cemented its position as a trusted advisor to many regional and international clients ,with a successful track record of delivering a sustainable benefit to our clients from every engagement we entered into, and adherence to professional code of conduct.

Our mission is to provide implemental solutions for clients to turn their visions into reality and derive maximum benefit from their resources, by applying the most effective business tools and techniques.

The only way we can hope to differentiate from others, is by following our vision of being in tune with our clients' needs, continually adapting to trends and providing unique consulting services at unparalleled value. By serving our client as a Trusted Ally, we aim to be the leaders in consulting services that meets the standards of recognized best practices in the corporate world.

Our Services identify, apply, and implement proven theories and technology tools that enhance client operations while accounting for organizational capacities and growth objectives.